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Application Process

Murray House offers a straightforward application process for senior care. Personalised care plans & a supportive environment are our focus.

Applying to Murray House Residential Aged Care Home

At Murray House Aged Care, we understand navigating senior care options can feel overwhelming. That’s why we offer a seamless application process designed to put you and your loved ones at ease. Our caring team will guide you through every step, from the initial inquiry to settling comfortably into your new home within our welcoming community.

The Process

Step #1 - Enquiry
The first step is to contact the Murray House Aged Care team, and we will organise a time for a personal tour.
This can be done by contact us via admin@murrayhouse.com.au or 03 5027 3384
Step #2 - Personal Tour
One of our staff will give you a personal tour of Murray House Aged Care, showing you the accommodation, facilities and more.
Step #3 - Application Forms
At this point we will ask you to provide complete with personal details, contacts, aged care IDs and referral codes.
Step #4 - Moving in and/or wait list
Depending on availability and requirement of families, resident booked admission date or include in waiting list for the next availability. Usually, residents come in on respite for at least two weeks before permanent admission.
Step #5 - Admission
Residents are welcomed to Murray House Aged Care by the friendly staff at the entrance. Our registered nurse on duty will then work through with the residents and their families on the admission process.

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