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Activities & Events

Murray House offers a diverse range of activities for seniors. Stay active, social & pursue hobbies. Learn more about our engaging programs!

Social Activities at Murray House

At Murray House Aged Care, we offer a variety of engaging activities designed to bring residents together, create lasting friendships, and spark joy. Whether you’re from Wentworth or a neighbouring town like Mildura or Broken Hill, you’ll find something to enjoy:
  • Classic Fun: Liven up your afternoons with our lively bingo sessions, filled with friendly competition and laughter.
  • Active Leisure: Enjoy a gentle game of carpet bowls, a fun and social indoor bowling experience perfect for all skill levels.
  • Movie Nights: Relive cinematic classics or discover new favourites with our regular movie screenings – a great way to unwind and connect with fellow residents.
  • Happy Hour: Mingle and socialise with friends during our delightful happy hours, featuring refreshing drinks and light bites.
  • Live Entertainment: Tap your toes and experience the joy of live music with regular performances by talented entertainers.
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Live Life Your Way Murray House Aged Care.

Physical Activities at Murray House

At Murray House Aged Care, we understand the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle for seniors. That’s why we offer a variety of engaging physical activities designed to promote strength, flexibility, and overall well-being, all in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Gentle Exercise Routines: Enjoy exercise sessions to help improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, keeping you feeling your best.
  • Social Activities with a Twist: We incorporate movement into some of our social events, like group walks or dancing sessions.
  • Games & Activities: Keep your mind and body sharp with some lighthearted competition. Challenge yourself with a game of ten-pin bowling or mini golf.
  • Balance & Coordination Activities: We offer specialised exercises that focus on improving balance and reducing the risk of falls.
Our friendly staff are always available to support and customise activities to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Personal Activities at Murray House

At Murray House Aged Care, we believe in fostering a fulfilling lifestyle that caters to individual interests. We encourage residents to explore their passions and rediscover forgotten talents through a variety of engaging activities:
  • Creative Expression: Enjoy our arts and crafts sessions. Explore painting, drawing, pottery, or other mediums – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Cooking Sessions: Join our cooking sessions and rediscover the joy of preparing delicious meals. Learn new recipes, share favourite dishes, and enjoy the company of fellow residents.
  • Musical Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the world of music with live performances by talented entertainers. We cater to diverse tastes, offering a variety of genres to keep you entertained.
  • Shopping Trips: Enjoy outings to local shops, picking up essentials or indulging in a well-deserved treat. Shopping trips are a great way to socialise with friends and get a change of scenery.
This is just a taste of the many ways you can pursue your personal interests at Murray House Aged Care. Our caring staff are always happy to help you discover new hobbies or revisit cherished activities.