31-37 Murray Street, Wentworth, NSW 2648

Our History

Explore Murray House’s rich history of serving the Wentworth community with exceptional senior care and support for over 30 years.

Where it all began

The prospect of an aged care hostel in Wentworth arose from discussions between the Wentworth Hospital and Wentworth Shire Council in 1988. This quickly led to a public meeting at which the idea would be discussed and whilst locals were unconvinced that they could reach a steep initial cost of $200,000.00, they agreed that it would be worth a try.

Early community fundraising saw the entire community involved with the first fundraiser being a weight-loss challenge between committee members. A barometer was displayed in a local shop window to be assist the public in monitoring the progress. This initial fundraising effort impressively reached 18% of the end goal. Inspired by this, the Wentworth Shire Council, the Wentworth Club, the Coomealla Club and Commonwealth Government all contributed to the remaining funds.

Planning a home-like environment

The planning of Murray House was focused on creating a “home-like environment” with a location that would be central to the township and have easy access of stores and amenities, allowing residents independence. The committee was divided into two subcommittees with the women of the group given the task of focusing on furnishings for the hostel which would reflect the home-like qualities. Murray House was opened by Senator Bruce Childs on the 3rd of August in 1991.

With Murray House originally only able to be the home for 16 residents, a wait list quickly built up. After a couple were urgently moved into Murray House’s vacant flat, fundraising efforts again began in 1993 to extend the facility with interconnecting rooms intended for couples included in the design. Another extension in 2001 saw the construction of an activities room which had been the long-term dream of residents and staff. More extensions in 2004, 2012 and 2017 increased Murray House’s capacity further and they now provide 65 individual rooms with en suites.

Welcome Home to Murray House.

Community support over the years

The community has continued to support Murray House through financial donations, volunteering and with donations of produce which could be used to make jams, sauces and relishes by kitchen staff. A Murray House Fundraising Group was also formed in 2003 which contributed by holding Strawberry Fetes and Fashion Parades, with the latter still currently held twice a year. The results of these funds have contributed to the purchase of countless equipment and goods that increase the quality of care and lifestyle for Murray House residents.

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