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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Murray House Aged Care, including services, facilities, and policies for residents & families.

Murray House has activities every morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday. A list of the weekly activities is provided to every resident Monday mornings along with information listed on white boards throughout Murray House. There is also bingo every Saturday in the dining room. Murray House has a bookcase containing novels, and magazines, with many having large print that residents can borrow and read whenever they like. Residents are encouraged to enjoy the gardens when the weather permits also.

Families are encouraged to collect residents for outings, or to join residents in their rooms, or in the lounge area with access to tea and coffee facilities always available.

Murray House understands that many friends and family have work and other commitments, which is why visitors are encouraged at any time at Murray House. If visitors wish to visit when there is no reception staff, they will need to obtain the front door code to enter and leave Murray House.

Murray House kitchen provides a variety of quality food for all residents, but if you do not like what is on the menu you can ask kitchen staff to provide an alternate meal of your choice. Murray House cannot always provide what you may request, but will endeavour to meet your needs where possible.

Murray House can assist you to make a booking with Sun Assist transport at a concessional rate. If you are able to use public transport, there is also a bus that travels from Wentworth to Mildura and return. Staff are always happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.

You are welcome to go to the shops at any time if you are able to. If you cannot go to the shops yourself, family and friends are encouraged to purchase any goods you may require on your behalf. The Activities and Lifestyle program also offers fortnightly outings into Wentworth where residents can purchase their own items with support of staff and volunteers. These items can also be purchased on your behalf if you are unable to attend yourself.

Murray House is a resident’s home and thus are encouraged to participate in activities outside of Murray House with family and friends as they normally would. When residents go out, we ask that they notify staff and sign out in the resident’s book at the front entrance and sign back in on their return. This allows staff to know where residents are at all times for safety purposes, and also for medication administration needs.

Resident’s are encouraged to personalise their room and make it their own. The allowance of furniture depends on it size and the size of the room. Generally, most can fit two pieces of floor furniture comfortably. Many also bring picture etc.

Yes. Moving into aged care is one of the biggest changes a person will likely experience in older age. Research shows that the first four weeks in residential care is often the hardest as there is significant adjustment needed. Once familiarity is established and friendships begin to form however the majority of residents’ report being settled and content with their new homes within 90 days [1].

Moving into aged care is a major transition that highlights your life is changing significantly and no longer will be the same. This can evoke strong emotional reaction from not only the older person, but from their loved ones also. It is normal to experience a sense of loss or grief for the life that was. Take your time to process what is happening and acknowledge the significance of this new way of living. Speak to our staff if you are concerned and they will discuss your concerns or connect you with an appropriate support.

Despite this, often people are surprised at how nice it is to have to assistance in things that may have been getting a little hard and to have others around that may be going through the same things.

Yes. Here at Murray House we encourage residents to continue with spiritual and cultural practices to support emotional health and wellbeing. Please advise staff if you have any special requirements to support and/or assist this and staff will be happy to discuss further options.

Yes. Staff understand that this is your home. Staff will always knock before entering your room and you have the right to refuse staff entry unless your safety is at risk. Your room has a lock on the door and you have the option to lock your room while in the room, or if you leave. Staff do have a key to provide access if needed however, again for safety reasons.

You can also eat meals in your room if you choose, however we do encourage residents to each in the dining room and remain connected to others which is known to improve wellbeing.

You will need to have an Aged Care Assessment completed by the Aged Care Assessment Team in your state before entering Murray House. This can be organised by requesting one on line or ringing My Aged Care. Staff at Murray House point you in the right direction if this if needed.

Residential Aged Care Fees are complicated and it is different for everybody. This is because it relates to the calculation of your Means and Assets which is done through Centrelink. More information on this can be found in My Aged Care or speak to the CEO of Murray House.