31-37 Murray Street, Wentworth, NSW 2648

Your New Home

Murray House offers a variety of facilities to keep you active & social. Explore our lounges, library, gardens & more! Learn about your new home.

What To Expect

Moving to an Aged Care Home is a new and at times daunting experience for the elderly and their families, we like to walk you through what’s involved and what you can expect, to ensure you have peace of mind.


Discover your new home, with furniture, furnishings, and everything else you’d expect to find and feel comfortable in your own home.


Discover a range of facilities to keep the mind and body active, from our loung areas, library, exquisite gardens and more.

Application Process

At Murray House Aged Care, we have a detailed approach to welcoming new residents, focusing on personalised care from the first contact. Our process involves understanding individual needs, creating tailored care plans, and integrating residents into our community with warmth and respect. This method ensures a comfortable transition, fostering a supportive environment for everyone joining us.

Fees & Charges​

For your convenience, we have compiled all our latest fees and charges on this page. This helps you make informed decisions regarding your financial considerations.