Residents are encouraged to personalise their room. The suitability of certain items may need to be discussed with the CEO / Clinical Care Manager to ensure there is sufficient space and it meets WH&S requirements.

The following furniture, furnishings and linen are provided:
  • an electric high/low bed (if appropriate)
  • mattress, pillows, linen and blankets
  • a bed-side table
  • built-in wardrobe
  • a lockable drawer
  • an armchair
  • an overbed table
  • a towel rail and a container for personal laundry
  • a wall mounted television
Residents may wish to bring the following items:
  • a vase, ornaments
  • photographs
  • books etc. to assist in personalising your room
  • a radio with an earpiece
  • one small bag or case to take to the hospital if necessary
  • own chair (replacing ours)
  • own television (replacing ours)
  • a maximum of two items of personal furniture/electrical equipment that require to be located at floor level
All items bought in by residents must be checked first to ensure they meet WH&S requirements. Personal belongings should be labelled (e.g. clothing, hearing aids, spectacles, radios etc.) as they may be misplaced and can be very difficult to identify.

Management and staff at Murray House do not take responsibility for any personal items, therefore residents are advised to arrange personal insurance cover for any items of value e.g. jewellery or electrical equipment.

Financial Affairs and Valuables

Any resident who is capable of doing so is encouraged to manage his or her own financial affairs. It is recommended that valuables are kept to a minimum. Locked drawers are available in each resident’s room for the storage of small valuable items. Murray House cannot accept responsibility for loss or theft of money or jewellery. A trust account for residents is available to make finances a little simpler. Accounts for expenses including hairdressing, outings and taxis can be paid from this account. All money deposited is kept in the Resident Trust account which is separate to the facility’s own account. Personal property is not covered by the facility’s insurance. Please arrange insurance cover with a company of choice.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances including but not limited to clocks, lamps, televisions, radios and electric scooters must be checked and tagged by an appropriately trained person prior to bringing them into the facility, and annually, to ensure they conform with Electrical Safety Standards. Management can arrange this with a qualified tester and tagger. There is a charge for this service. Please contact the Administration Assistant for further information.

Double adaptors are not allowed to be used in Murray House as they present a WH&S risk. If power points provided are not adequate residents can provide and utilise a power board that has a safety cut off switch. Power boards will also have to be checked and tagged.

Consideration of Others

Management and Staff ask that residents and visitors behave in a manner that is not loud or offensive to others.

Smoking & Alcohol

While smoking is discouraged and not permitted inside the facility, one designated smoking area with ashtrays is available outside. Staff will assist residents who wish to go outside to smoke. For safety reasons, residents who are at risk to smoke unsupervised are requested to leave lighters and cigarettes at the Nurses Station for storage. Management and staff are required to undertake a risk assessment on all residents who wish to smoke.

While residents may enjoy alcohol at any time, it is expected that they maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour. Alcohol consumption will be discouraged if their medical officer has stated otherwise.


Visitors, and particularly children, are welcome at Murray House between the hours of 9.00am and 7.00pm and at other times by arrangement (for security purposes). Please ensure children are supervised at all times. Visitors are asked to sign in and out in a register at reception as part of our “Emergency Procedures”.

All visitors are asked to respect the rights and dignity of the residents whose home they are entering.
Telephone: (03) 5027 3384
31-37 Murray Street, Wentworth NSW