Welcome to Murray House

Murray House Wentworth Aged Care Ltd provides optimum care and services through friendly and qualified staff. The Board of Directors is responsible for the ongoing management and planning of Murray House, a residential Aged Care facility for 65 aged and disabled persons. Comprising 63 permanent residents and 2 respite specific places that offers respite for community carers of the Sunraysia area. A dedicated team of staff is lead by the CEO and Clinical Care Manager who are responsible for the daily management of the facility. Read more >

Care and Support

Specified Care and Services are the services for which the Commonwealth Government provides funding and which the facility is obliged to provide to its residents. Read more >

Lifestyle and Facilities

Residents are encouraged to personalise their room. The suitability of certain items may need to be discussed with the CEO / Clinical Care Manager to ensure there is sufficient space and it meets WH&S requirements. Read more >
Telephone: (03) 5027 3384
31-37 Murray Street, Wentworth NSW