Mail is received and distributed each weekday. Mail to be posted may be left in a stamped envelope at reception. Stamps can be purchased from reception. Staff are happy to assist residents to write and post letters and cards, or to make taped messages to send.

A bi-monthly newsletter is provided to keep residents and families informed of events and happenings both within the facility and in the community. Residents are encouraged to put items into the newsletter.

Arrangements may be made at reception if residents require their own newspaper or magazines. They are delivered daily from Clarke’s Newsagency in Darling Street, Wentworth and payment of the account is the resident's responsibility.

Interpreters & Translators
Access to qualified interpreters is available.

All residents have telephone outlets in their rooms. It is the responsibility of residents or representatives to arrange the connection and also payment of the monthly account.

Connection options can be:
  • Making & Receiving Calls
  • Receiving Calls Only

If new residents have been living in Wentworth prior to coming to Murray House, it is usually possible for the phone company to transfer your home number to your room at Murray House. A public telephone is located in the walkway between the Gem & Emma wings.

Taxi Service
Murray Darling Taxi Service provide 24 hour service and can be contacted on 03 5023 2239.
The subsidized taxi voucher scheme can be used. For people having difficulty with transport needs when specialist doctor’s appointments are not on Community Transport Bus days and relatives are not available to transport, a taxi voucher may be obtained by contacting Jenny Gledhill, HACC Services Coordinator on 03 5027 7111.
Our Manual Handling Policy prevents staff and volunteers from assisting with motor vehicle transfers.

Banking Services
The Commonwealth Bank agency is available at the Wentworth Post Office in Darling Street Wentworth. The Wentworth & District Community Bank® Branch Bendigo Bank is also in Darling Street Wentworth. Residents unable to visit this bank should call 5027 3362 and banking personnel will come to Murray House and complete the banking for them.

The facility has installed a WIFI system for use by residents and guests visiting the facility.

Hospitality Service
Well balanced, nutritious and appetising meals to meet your expectations and requirements are available from our four week cyclic menu. The daily menu is displayed in the dining room. Individual dietary preferences, likes and dislikes are noted by personal care staff and acted upon wherever possible. Residents’ meals are served in the communal dining room.

Telephone: (03) 5027 3384
31-37 Murray Street, Wentworth NSW