Resident Care

Specified Care and Services
Specified Care and Services are the services for which the Commonwealth Government provides funding and which the facility is obliged to provide to its residents.

Care Plan
On confirmation of acceptance of an offer of accommodation at Murray House, management and staff will begin to formulate a care plan specific to meet your needs. Management and staff seek the input from residents and family or friends in finalising this plan. Staff are familiar with the effects on both the person being admitted and their family and provides support during the period of adjustment. Management and staff are always available to provide assistance with any problems that may be experienced or concerns any party may have. Where necessary, management and staff can arrange to obtain the services of a qualified counsellor to meet the resident's needs.

Palliative Care
Palliative care incorporates holistic care from the time of admission until end of life. It provides for all the medical and nursing needs of the resident for whom cure is not possible and for all psychological, social and spiritual needs of the resident and the family, for the duration of the resident’s illness, including bereavement care. All residents have the right to die with dignity and in peace. The objective of the care plan, developed in consultation with residents, family, doctors, other health professionals and staff is to provide for a peaceful and pain-free death. Staff document resident and family wishes in regards to terminal care.

Residents right to refuse treatment
In regards to medical treatment, all residents have the right to refuse treatment. Staff will encourage all residents to accept treatment; however a resident's right to refuse treatment is respected.

Restraint-Free Facility
Murray House is a restraint-free facility, therefore no bedsides or body restraints are to be brought into the facility. All other alternatives will be considered before a restraint is used, and then only under strict written guidelines. This can be further discussed with staff for clarification.

Emergency Call System
A 24-hour emergency call system is accessible from all bedrooms, ensuites and living areas.

Telephone: (03) 5027 3384
31-37 Murray Street, Wentworth NSW