Assessment and Placement

Step 1: ACAS Assessment

Funding for Residential Aged Care Services is provided by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Health. Individuals thought to be requiring their services must be assessed and approved by an Aged Care Assessment Team. In our region of NSW this service is provided by Dareton Primary Health Services. Referral for assessment can be by self referral, by a family member or carer, or by a healthcare professional such as a General Practitioner or hospital staff.

Dareton Primary Health Services : Aged Care Assessment Team

Telephone: 03 5021 7200

If you reside in Victoria, in the Sunraysia area, assessments are undertaken by the Mildura ACAS team

Telephone: 03 5025 9002

Step 2: Financial Assessment

The upfront and ongoing costs of residential aged care are set and controlled by the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Health. All individuals assessed as eligible for residential aged care by an Aged Care Assessment Team will need an income and asset assessment completed. These are undertaken by Centrelink.

An income and assets assessment helps intending aged care residents work out the amount they may be asked to pay toward their accommodation costs for permanent residential aged care and determines whether a person is eligible for government assistance with their residential aged care accommodation costs.

The income and asset assessment leaves people better placed to make decisions about their financial situation before their entry into care. We are able to provide financial information but not advice. Due to the potentially complex nature of these financial decisions we recommend you seek specialist professional advice.

To assist pensioners, Centrelink may use information they already have from assessing assets for income support payments. The request for an Income and Assets Assessment can be obtained from Centrelink. Forms can also be obtained by calling the Department of Social Services on FreecallTM 1800 500 853. Current residents do not need to apply for an income and assets assessment unless they intend to move to another aged care service. Centrelink will provide the intending resident with a letter containing information about the value of their income and assets for aged care purposes. The letter also includes general information about aged care.
More information about income and assets assessments is available by calling Centrelink on FreecallTM 1800 227 475.

Step 3: Applying to Facilities

To make an application, make an appointment to see our CEO. When a vacancy becomes available we will contact you. Most facilities in the Sunraysia region have a waiting list for admission. It is therefore recommended that you apply at several or all the facilities to increase the chances of being allocated a bed within a reasonable timeframe. If you are offered a bed in a facility that is other than your first choice you do not have to accept the offer. However, it is recommended that you think seriously about this if you are not coping at home. You will still be able to relocate to another facility if you wish, when a suitable bed is available.
Telephone: (03) 5027 3384
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